Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be green and support me at the same time!

I was introduced to Mixed Bag Designs last year from a friend of mine. I bought one to support their fundraiser, but didn't really care that I was getting another reusable bag. Boy was I wrong. My bag showed up and I was pretty much in love instantly. I LOVE IT! I use that bag all the time. It's cute, sturdy, holds a ton, and did I mention it was CUTE?!?!?! I also love that I can just hose it down when I get dirt, sand, fabric crap (crafters - you know what I'm talking about! All of those annoying strings/pieces that come off of your fabric in transport-especially minky! ugh!) in it.

You can take a look at their Spring Collection here: (make sure you don't order from the site. You have to order from me in order for it to count towards my fund raiser!)
I am able to sell Spring Collection II which it doesn't specifically break down (I've broken down what prints are in that collection below). If you click on the print you like you will see what size bags are offered. My price will be $.50 less then what you see listed on their site. Hey...every penny counts, right?

Here is a list of the prints in Collection II if you want to make sure what you want is available:
Black Swirl
Bloom (Green, Purple, & Red)
Blue Paisley
Daisy (Pink & Blue)
Garden Gate
Gum Drop
Leopard (Blue, Pink, & Purple)
Pink Damask
Tutti Frutti

If you are interested in purchasing one please post here or email me at I will also have this on FB, so you can comment on the link there (or message me through FB!).


Thank you for your support :)


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