Monday, March 22, 2010

That felt good!

A friend of mine who runs a lot decided to take it easy and walk today. We had lunch together an when I was pulling away she asked if I wanted to meet up later and do a long walk with her. Um, not really. I'd like to sit on the couch and watch TV. Since that's not an option though I figured I had nothing to lose. So, after the kiddo woke up we met up with her and her son. We left her house and headed out for a 4 mile walk (at this point I was happy she was taking it easy on me for doing 4 miles instead of 6...haha). I wasn't sure what my body would think of a 4 mile walk. I just started walking last week and definitely haven't walked 4 miles yet. I must say, it wasn't too bad. Had I been by myself it would have been rough, but with a buddy it was tolerable. Now if I could just get her to do it with me 5 times a week ;)
(Thanks Des. You rock!)

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  1. I'll walk with you in the fall... right now I have Lily and Paige, but when Lily is in school starting late August, I will be doing a lot of hittin' the road with the Baby Jogger.

  2. Sounds good to me! I need all the "help" I can get. I'm much more motivated to walk long distances if there's someone to talk to ;)