Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update on my ankle...

Today I had another follow up appointment with the Podiatrist. My ankle is still swollen and there's still some pretty bad inflammation going on in the inside area of my ankle/calf. I seriously had no idea just how much damage I did last summer. All for a fun trip out on the boat. OOPS! He said I can do the walk. I just need to do some major babying to my ankle/foot to get it ready. We're going to try a Medrol Pack and see if that helps any. I'm also going to start taking Celebrex once that's done to help with the inflammation. If those 2 things don't settle down the swelling then we'll move on to cortizone shots. The problem with the shots are that the pain/swelling is not limited to one area. The lower part of my leg was crushed between a boat and a dock. The swelling and pain starts about an inch or 2 down from the bottom of my calf on the left side of my leg and runs down to the top of my ankle. On the right side of the leg it starts at the ankle bone, goes down to my heel and then wraps around the top of my foot. It's a pretty large area when you think about it. He's not sure the cortizone shot will do what it's intended to do because he can't focus it in one area. And we're not going to go have 17 shots injected into my foot and leg! Lets be real here ;)

So...for now all I can do is follow orders, hold off a little more on getting back to my training, and hope these meds work. If not, I'll just start training and hope for the best. I'm tough. I can handle pain. And gotta do what you gotta do ;)

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